Saturday, March 4, 2017

Assignment 2 Submission & Reflection

It was a really rush assignment I can say since it's a short semester. Overall I did enjoy this subject and to be able to meet the deadlines of the assignments. I learnt a lot about promoting an event now whether is on-ground or microsite. It requires lots of planning, budget, thinking, find sponsorship and many more. There is so many work behind each concert event and now I will go through each poster of any concert event and understand the planning behind of it. There is so much more to learn other than designing, you also have to understand how advertising works and how the media works as well.

I have learnt a lot in this subject Entertainment design. Thank you Mr. Michael for guiding us throughout the whole short semester and show us how presentation should be. At the same time show us advertising video which is mind blowing. Lastly, the non stop presentation really gave me more knowledge to know about film making, motion graphics, animations, web development and brand strategies. It was really interesting.

Some of the screen shot of the final proposal

Assignment 2 - Event Promotional Microsite

On-Ground Promotion Design

1. Album Cover


2. 6 Characters

This 6 character represent each of the artist identity as an individuals. As you can see some other elements that is different in every single one of them. That represents their characteristics as well.


3. Magazine Ads

An ad must have the capable to catch people’s attention. We produced the visual by using our graphic elements. We put lots of efforts in balancing the information of concert and sponsors while not affecting the composition of the ad. The composition helps to increase the impact of ad and lead readers to read the information. QR code is placed at the bottom right corner. So that they will have a chance to win tickets to the concert. In order for them to know more about our event, they could even log on to our microsite.

4. Billboard Poster

This is a big billboard poster will be place on the highway which will attracts people's attention with the abstract visual or will be curious to check out this band too.

5. Event Truck 

Event truck will be going around Bukit Bintang and Bangsar area to promote The LOST band.  This event truck comes with different sponsorship companies, for example JUICE magazine as well as Topshop Topman and the radio crew. This event truck will be selling ticket as well, fans that purchase from the event truck will be able to get 10% discount. The social influencer will be at this promotional event as well, this is to attract more attentions from the targeted age group. There will be mini games and Photo Booth as well.

6. Tickets

When we are designing the tickets, we also take reference from boarding pass. Only important information which could acts as reminder were included in the tickets. We also used large font size and full caps for those information to boost their function as remineder. Last but not least, different colours were applied to differentiate the seats. 

7. Merchandise 

For our merchandise, the main part would be where all the merchandise items will be. When you click on an item, a window will pop up and you can view details about the product and make your purchase from there.

This bottle water with the band design only can be find in 7- Eleven.

8. Stage Design

The meet & greet event will be held at Pavilion. The LOST member will be there for a meet & greet with the fans and a press conference will be held there as well with at the the media people. The stage will placed at the middle of the event in order to interact with the potential visitors, fans and non-fans.  With this strategy, the LOST band will get recognition within an instant time.

10. Social Media Ads

These are ads for different social media. The page will be redirected to the microsite once clicked the ads.

This is what it will pop out once you scan the QR code from the magazine and stand a chance to be the lucky 10 to win a free ticket to watch The LOST band.

These are instagram ads and an official instagram page for fans to catch up on the latest news about the LOST band. 

This is spotify ads where the chorus will play and introduce this band and announcement of the concert date. To find out more about The LOST band users can press the ads and straight link to the microsite.

This is youtube ads users will be curios to find out about the abstract art of the mini banner and would want to click and find out more about The LOST band users can press the ads and straight link to the microsite.

Snapchat filters will be out by the time where the meet & greet is held at Pavilion. This will allow users friend to be curios how did they get such filter and will be curios about the band.

An official Facebook and twitter page for any updates about the band and it will be informative for fans to get the latest information about the meet & greet and concert as well.

Assignment 2 - Event Promotional Microsite

Design Style for Microsite

The picture below is the homepage of our microsite. It features a countdown until the concert. We also added a Call- To-Action (CTA) to persuade visitors to buy tickets. Icons of different social media are inserted on the topbar. By clicking those icons, the page will be redirect to the corresponding official social media of LOST.

The music page contains a list of LOST’s songs. The songs are selected from LOST’s ablum and playable under Wifi condition. Aside from entertaining people, the page also aims to convert new visitors to LOST’s fans.

The event page shows all upcoming events. Details will be shown if one clicks into the event. Those details include date, time, venue and map.

The store page works similar to the event page. More details will be shown after one clicked ‘BUY NOW’.

The gallery page features the illustrations of the LOST. Those illustrations are downloadable. It is like a bonus to the visitors.

1. Home page 

2. About 

3. Music 

4. Event 

5. Store/ Merchandise

6. Gallery 

Assignment 2 ( Event Promotional Progress )

Design Style and process


Six artist were designed and they represent all six members of the group LOST. The character are design based on the preference and personality of the member. The characters are formed by a few simple silhouettes and have exaggerated characteristics.


The LOST logo was formed with a font called LeviBrush. This font was chosen because it suits our forest theme and it reflects the band's values and brand.

For the concert name , we use the same typeface as the logo. We also used a font named " Collaborate" as our second font which is the word world tour.

Different color version of the logo

Graphic Elements 

The theme is about forest plus our concert name is Into the woods as well. So we have to create a design which is similar to forest but not too much leaf if not it will look too tropical as well. There are many attempts while designing the right one. We research a couple of reference see what examples we could get to looks like it is into the woods.

Attempt 1

Attempt 2 


Final Attempt 

Music Elements 

Color Palete 

This is the color that we choose as our color scheme. Which is bit greenish and a tone of dark purple with a striking pink. Which also gives out a neon light in the forest feel.

Stage design process

Instead of sketch up, we decided to use maya for the 3D model as we are more familiar to Maya software. Here are the process of the stage design.

Gallery design 

Gallery design for gallery in microsite and instagram.

Microsite design

Attempt 1 : 

Final Attempt :

Attempt 1 

Final Attempt